1. aj-watson:


    3x05 - 4x04

    *incoherent noises*

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    some generally adorable myka moments

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  5. thesunmaid:

    having cute friend crushes turn into actual crushes


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    Orbital Mechanics by Tatiana Plakhova 

    This is breathtaking.

    Mathematically perfect.

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  7. sisterofsilence:

    Guys, GUYS.

    I just received a message from Timmo - he got booted from Etsy.com but, praise the Emperor, has started his very own brand spanking new website over at BaldurJewelry.com. Pass it on!

    So you can all still hop in on the Sister-of-Silence-Started-A-Thing Bandwagon and get your own Aquila (or Chaos star, or Blood Angels pendant, or Thousand Sons snake-thing, or Inquisition pendant, or just e-mail him and ask and he can make anything you want - guess what I will be contacting him about, eh? EH?) and be cool like the Fluffy Underbelly. *wriggles eyebrows*

    Anyway, figured you all aught to know. Because never enough Aquila’s. That new ancient looking one, boy I need that more than oxygen.


    *elbows wolf-lord-dikkop, nightshade-victorian, kishiria, starcunning, sabbatine, geroarrowhead, marbleunderthefridge , the-fluffy-underbelly, thefaithfulguardsman and really why can’t I just one-tag everyone I follow and follows me it’s relevant to all of you*

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  8. daenystormborn:

    Make Me Choose: thelionkingsguard asked Wash x Zoe or Jayne x Women

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  9. councilof13:

    Nearly getting into the fun part, shades, highlights and freehand all around the corner! Any suggestions on what I could do for the base?

    Makes me want to dig out mine out… 

  10. falloutuniverse:

    I love this evil fucker <3

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  11. sirbryant:

    Alpha Legion

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    by Camille Seaman

    You’ve successfully summoned a being from the Elemental Plane of Air.The bad news is, it’s an Elder Storm Elemental and it’s pissed!

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  13. vegan-wargamer:


    Tonight I managed to finish the first of my two Drop Sentinels for my Calth Planetary Defence Force. I’m quite pleased with how it looks, really liking getting to grips with weathering techniques on these vehicles.
    I’ve painted it in the same colours as the Armoured Sentinel I painted a few months ago as I want to use this as the command Sentinel of the squadron.
    I have one more Sentinel to paint up and the squadron will be complete.
    Hope you guys like!

    Nice job with these!

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  14. secretcinema1:

    The ‘Terra Nova’ at the ice foot, Cape Evans, 1911, Herbert George Ponting

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